“Those Shoes” do you want them or need them?

The book “Those Shoes” spectacularly portrays the modern day pressure of the need to fit in, on a child and then shows how he finds his way and goes beyond to a place of kindness and generosity toward another.

“Those Shoes” written by “ Maribeth Bolelts” and illustrated by “Noah Z. Jones” is about a boy who wants the latest trend of shoes but his grandmother cannot afford the retail price. They find a pair in a thrift store that’s a size too small, yet the boy buys them anyways and never wears them from the pain.

Read this book to find out what he does in the end that makes him happy about not having “Those Shoes” any longer.

Noah Z. Jones’s illustrations, created with watercolor, pencil and ink and put together digitally, perfectly depict how quickly a fad can flood the halls of a school, and how desperately children want to be able to have what others take for granted.

This picture book provides fodder for initiating conversations about fitting in, trends, and the difference in needs and wants.


Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor

Are you a book worm?

The bookworm is a story of a silent little boy, Sesha , who reads all the time and has a little brown book, which no one has seen.

No one had ever seen how Sesha looks, and none had ever heard him speak……. Until one fateful day, when he spoke, things changed for him, as none of the kids could see past, what met their eyes. It took some time for everyone to discover Sesha’s brown book and the magic he could create.

Learn a little more about this wonderful kid and his brown book, in this emphatic story written by Lavanya R. N. and plunge into the world of Sesha through the collages and watercolors by Shilo Shiv Suleman. Shilo’s illustrations add to the magic of the book.


Be careful what you wish for….

What would life be without friends and friendship?

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse by Leo Lionni is a story about Alexander who is a mouse full of adventure. He isn’t like your ordinary mouse. He is a mouse that wants love and affection. He becomes a resident in a young girls house and befriends another mouse named Willy. Willy isn’t just any ordinary mouse; he is a wind-up mouse. Throughout the story, Willy and Alexander talk to each other and tell each other the amazing stories about their days. While Willy and Alexander become friends, Alexander wants to become a wind-up mouse like Willy. Alexander finds out about the Magic Lizard who can change animals into another animal.

What do you think Alexander will wish for?

Will he change, or embrace himself?

Find out in this wonderfully illustrated book, filled with compassion and friendship. Alexander helps teach life lessons that may not always be clear. He shows that having a big heart is all that matters.


Say Cheese :):):):):):):)

There are many things that are contagious, and we are always told to be careful.

But there some contagious things that are good too!

Wondering what could that be?

What about a smile 🙂

Is it not one of the best things in the world?

It makes you look good and feel good too 🙂

This is what happens when you read “Niloufer’s Smile” written by” Akhram Ghasempor” and Illustrated by “ Naseem Azadi”.

Where Niloufar is in search of something…her SMILE!

She is worried because she looks incomplete without her smile. Nothing in the world feels right without it.

She looks under the bed, in the corners; in her drawing book… she can’t seem to remember where she left it.

Read this book to find out where Niloufer finds her smile, and in the process she would find your’s too if you have lost it somewhere.

Beautiful and heart warming crayon illustrations will surely strike a cord or too in your heart.


So you think you know it all ?

Have you ever seen or met, A leap of leopards? A cartload of monkeys? A mischief of mice? A stand of Flamingoes?

Discover these and many more in the book “ The alphabets of animals and birds” written and illustrated by Prabha Mallya .Turn the pages of this beautiful and charming book that brings together alphabets and funny collective nouns of animals and birds.


Watch the Murder of crows

Crash of ____________?

____________ of Snails?

Ostentation of ________?


If you do not know what to fill in the blanks, grab this book with amazing illustrations and collective nouns, which will delight everyone.

She says “I am going to be an Artist”


“Through Georgia’s Eyes” written by “Rachel Rodriguez” and illustrated by “Julie Paschkis”, has successfully conveyed the contemplative beauty at the heart of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings and life. The prose is simple and reflective, mimicking the rhythms of the natural world: “A canyon calls her. From the bottom at dusk she sees a long line of cows above, black lace against a dusky sky.” The illustrations, cut-paper collages, mimic the vibrant intensity of O’Keeffe’s works with the simplicity and wonder of a child.

This picture book biography describes some of the influences on painter Georgia O’Keeffe, touching briefly on her formative years and her family’s wishes that she become a teacher. Despite those wishes and the trends of those times which dictated roles for women, Georgia followed, and perused  her dream to paint, which led her to New York City and the wide spaces of New Mexico.

Both the text and the extraordinary cut-paper collage illustrations help readers understand the personality, determination, and brilliance of this vibrant woman with exceptional talent.



Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor

Smoky Night…


The best children’s books are the ones that can explain awful circumstances in a way that kids can understand.

“Smoky Night” by Even Bunting, was inspired by the L.A. riots. Though not the ideal bedtime story, it is worth being read. It conveys the message of the effects of urban violence on a child but also tells a beautiful tale of coming together.

Daniel and his cat stare out their apartment window at the streets below as people loot the stores. He cannot understand why this is happening, how people can look angry and happy at the same time. Daniel is confused by this, and rightly so. These people are taking an odd joy in what they do. Even as they destroy and steal they act happy with what they’re doing.

That night Daniel is woken up out of his bed by the shaking of his mother. The apartment building is on fire, and the boy cannot locate his pet cat Jasmine. In the panic he’s forced to leave without her and stay in a shelter that night with his mom. Mrs. Kim, (Korean) a neighbour of Daniel, is missing her cat as well. Suddenly a fire fighter enters the building, both cats under his arms. Where once the cats used to fight one another, now there is a bond between them. A similar attempt to make peace with Mrs. Kim ends with pleasing results.

The tale also acknowledges the dark side of human beings. Though it’s clear that Daniel and his mother are not “bad people”, he notes that the reason he and his mother do not shop at the store of Mrs. Kim because, “Mama says it’s better if we buy from our own people”.

The illustrations for this book, by David Diaz, work exceedingly well. The thick heavily stylized drawing with bright neon colors. His use of collage to create unique chaotic pictures is complimentary to the story being told.


Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor

How far are you willing to go for your Granny’s Soup?????

Taking inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood, with a pinch of humor. This book “CARMINE: A LITTLE MORE RED” written and illustrated by- “Melissa Sweet” has great illustrations that have also used a play of words, which is good for students who are just learning to read, but is also relatable because most young children have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


The story is about Carmine who is a painter, Rufus (her dog), her Granny and a Wolf who is more than just a villain; he’s a dad with a hungry brood to feed.

Carmine loves painting and is always in search of just the right colour (especially anything in the red family) to add to her paintings. So when she and her dog Rufus set off on their bike to Granny’s, she is too easily lured by a lovely meadow full of poppies. And, as she gets engrossed, in making a painting to gift her granny, she is too oblivious to the dangers lurking along the path.

While carmine is at work, will the wolf, harm her?

Will she be able to reach her granny?

Find out in this tale of a passionate young painter……


Ps: Also find the secret recipe of “Granny’s Alphabet Soup” 





Artist Mentor

“Kaljai Kambakhat” Launch….


On the eve of 17th September 2016, Art1st organized a one of a kind, Book Launch of “Kaljai Kambakhat” Published by Art1st Publication and written by Amit Dutta who is considered by eminent critics as one of the most significant practitioners of experimental cinema working currently, has written his first novel in Hindi. The novel is in continuum with his filmmaking practice, reflecting his experimentation with language, narration and the subconscious, drawing richly and indirectly from his own boyhood milieu.



Kaljayi Kambakht (The Time-Conqueror Wretch)


Is a story about a boy named Sham who is a precocious school boy he dreams about making sense of the world he inhabits. Shaman, his friend and alter-ego prods him along. They walk together exploring the gullies and outskirts of their suburban hill village. They passionately glean whatever information is available to them through books or people. They make patterns out of this information and scheme to gain control over their reality. The villagers become characters in their scheme and start revealing the cracks in their reality. As fragments of science, philosophy, fairy-tales, folk-legends and history start seeping into their everyday existence, Sham and Shan find themselves deep in an unmanageable world of their own fantasies.


The launch was graced with the presence of the author Amit Dutta , Udayan Vajpeyi a hindi poet, essayist, short fiction and script writer, and Kumar Sahani who is a noted Indian film director and screenwriter.

Ritu Khoda (founder of Art1st) welcomed the audience with an introduction, to the eminent panelist, and the screening of Amit Dutta’s Movie “Kramasha” which is based on the novel.

After the screening the book was unveiled, followed by a discussion with the panelist. The eminent poet Udyan Vajpeyi gave a detailed account of his experiences while reading the novel. Sighting quotes from the novel he emphasized how Kaljai Kambakhat is a “ Multiple novel”, as it does not have the unity of a novel, instead has the possibility of unity. Which according to him is the beauty of it, as it is loosely knit and is lucid like a musical composition.

Such interpretations led to many interesting anecdotes by Amit Dutta, where he spoke of instances that touched him, and how the novel is an outcome of his collective experiences both conscious and sub conscious.

Our third panelist Kumar Shahani was pleased, because he felt that the novel has an underlying poetry, and for him, that is what made it unique, as it gives the reader the independence to exercise their imagination.


The evening ended with book lovers taking their signed copies home….



Elephant or Buffalo?

Elephants Never Forget written by Anushka Ravishankar, illustrated by Christiane Pieper, is a charming story about what makes for a real family. A story about belonging, friendship, and loyalty.

A baby elephant is separated from his herd when a huge storm comes along. He is lonely, tired, and hungry, but finally finds a group of buffalo that he can play with, eat with, and belong to. They become his family.

Then one day he meets his real family of elephants………….

Will he leave the buffalos?

Children will love the vivid, lyrical language – “Crraack! Flash! BOOM!” Ravishankar effectively uses big, bold words to bring the main character, a young elephant, and his jungle playmates to life.

Pieper’s illustrations “capture the mood” in this fun loving tale.


Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor