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The need to communicate Ideas, thoughts and emotions, to express oneself has been the pivotal point of the origin of various forms of language, but we focus mostly on spoken or written language to understand the other. Still most of the times words are not enough to explain it all…………

This is when we turn to other modes of expression, like visuals and sound. But because we don’t resort to them as often, we lack the ability to communicate through them.

Visuals can be as self-explanatory as words, and one can understand the power of simple visuals in this book “The Line” illustrated by “Paula Bossio”. This book devoid of words is like a Bible for small kids on the concept of line. Through simple yet marvelous illustrations the book takes you through the story of a naïve girl, who, one fine day happens to come across one end of a magical line, only to discover, that it only takes a line to express all that the world has to offer.

The illustrator Paula Bossio has created a fresh way to tell an original story full of play and creativity. It offers young children an easy-to-understand yet powerful message about imagination and the nearly limitless ways to have fun. This book makes a perfect story starter for early-elementary children as they begin to explore narrative, either by using one of the girl’s creations in the story or by coming up with their own way of turning the line into a plaything. This book makes a great choice for working on visual literacy with pre-readers.


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