Call for Abstracts | Annual Seminar on Art Education 2019

AER-Abstract-Announce_BannerArt1st Foundation is organising an international Annual Seminar on Art Education 2019 to address the crisis in arts education at the school education in India and envision a future for integrated arts pedagogy. This seminar will invite research papers from scholars, feature keynote addresses and panel discussions of experts from India and abroad, and interactive workshops for art teachers from schools. The objective of this seminar is to bring together a range of voices to collectively put together a vision for the future of arts education in India.

We invite abstracts from researchers to present their papers during this seminar.

Topics which the research papers may address (not limited to):

1. the history of art education in India
2. various approaches and perspectives on art education of the child
3. official policies on art education
4. artists and art education
5. artist led pedagogic interventions
6. contemporary debates on art education
7. studies on important art education initiatives

General Instructions for Abstract Submissions:

* Submit an abstract of no more than 500 words with the title and five keywords. Abstracts must reach us before 12, July, 2019. Post that the submissions will be closed.
* Abstracts should include your complete name/s, institutional affiliation (optional), email id and phone number.
* Abstracts must be submitted in English.
* Submit a brief bio of 150 words along with the abstract.
* Submit your complete application by clicking on this link below.
* In case of any query feel free to write to us at

Submit Abstract Here



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