Artist-Mentor Prajakta Potnis | Study of Work

ap 1

This particular work of artist-mentor Prajakta Potnis sees the use of a refrigerator and a cauliflower as part of her work. Her work weaves in a story of its own inhabiting the space of this regulated set-up. Using the analogy of genetically modified vegetables, Potnis has tried to fabricate an aura of a sudden outpour through the imagery of the cauliflower.

In her own words, Potnis states that the insides of a refrigerator has ‘intrigued’ her much like a very controlled habitat creating a setting of a stage.

The ideas of decay, degeneration, apathy and neglect weave through the metaphors of decaying vegetables, or decorating mundane materials in her work. While symbolizing beauty on the surface, they also evoke a sense of repulsion through their mottled and rotten imagery.


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