A tribute to K.G. Subramanyan……


All Indians have grown up listening to stories of Ramayana, although they fascinate children, they do not fit into their cool quotients. Ram and Hanuman become their Gods but their heroes remain, Batman, Superman and The Avengers. There is nothing wrong in that, but maybe we need to look at innovative ways to introduce children to our own stories, of our own super heroes, not as mighty Gods but as Heroes they can relate to in contemporary times. If Thor can become an Avenger, so can Hanu-man.

The book “HOW HANU BECAME HANUMAN”, written and illustrated by veteran artist “K.G. Subramanyan”, (who left us on 29th July 2016), is a marvelous example of  contemporary incarnation of an epic hero Hanuman.

The story of Hanu and Raghu is a simple one, Raghu goes looking for his “Girl”, Bumps into Hanu, who offers him help and saves Raghu’s Girl (a black belt) from Asok Discotheque!…….

From that day on, Raghu, had three big posters in his Office: Batman’s, Superman’s and above all “Hanuman’s”.

The story narrated with swag; along with bold and Swaggy illustrations will surely make everyone giggle. It is one of the master pieces by a master himself.


Gopa Trivedi                                                                                                                                                 Artist Mentor Art1st



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