Ek tha raja Ek thi Rani……………………

“The king and the little man” written and illustrated by K.G Subramanyan, is a thought provoking piece of work, that gives a slight jolt to its readers, and compels them to reconnect with nature and simple living.


The story is set in an “old country, with mountains and mists, rivers and valleys, woodlands and orchards, birds and beasts, and people”. This little country also had a pompous king, who loved being adored by people. With all his glitter and gold he wanted to mesmerize them.

But then he had a competitor, not a king or a rich man, but a Little man with bright eyes keen mind and a sweet tongue. What was so unique about him?

“While most people talked about themselves, he talked about other things.”

Like the snows on the mountains, or the butter flies in the morning ……

What he talked came as a breath of fresh air to people …….. and they adored him.

One fine morning at the kings court, he spoke something, that made people ignore the king and look the other way……… this made the king sad, as he could not bear this insult, then he decided to get a queen who could advice him………………..

Thus came the Queen “ A queen is a woman only an over- dressed woman”

She knew the solution for the king’s fear as she had studied at the “ Havard Business Schoo”…………………. What she does changes the world on that island……….

Will the people forget the Little man?

Will they ever look at the mountains and clouds?

What does the Queen do, to make the people forget all this?

Find out in this enchanting tale of an island. Coupled with minimal illustrations this book is a must for all those who want to revisit and make their children experience the days of “Ek tha raja ek thi Rani” ………..



By: Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor



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