The Cricket who could not sing……


Can you imagine the night without the song of the crickets?

The book “The Cricket who could not sing” written by “Farideh Khalatbaree” and illustrated by “Azita Arta”, is a story about a cricket who loved to sing, and everyone loved his singing too, but the breeze always told him that “These fields are pretty, but the forest is even more beautiful.”
So he decided to back his bags and instruments and went to the jungle, but soon he realized that the jungle was too big and no one could hear him.

How would he face the challenges of the jungle?
Will he be able to overcome them and peruse his passion?

Find out in this inspiring tale, with picturesque illustrations. It will surely strike the rite notes in your heart and will make the songs of the crickets sweater than ever, for all nights to follow.

Gopa Trivedi

Artist Mentor



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