Session 3: Learning is based on what changes and not what remains the same……….

As the clock struck 4 the students started trickling in, one after the other. By 4:15pm everyone was sitting in front of their respective works, thinking what more was needed in their works. While some didn’t like a few things they had done in the previous session, the others seemed content and were giving the finishing touches.

In the meantime, our Mentor Puneet  Kaushik  had been keenly watching their reactions to their works. He did not intervene unless called upon, as he did not wish to interrupt their thinking process.


As the session progressed there were several exchanges of ideas and suggestions between the mentor and the students. Students continued to meticulously work on their pieces , pondering over what to add more and what to remove…………………all this while our mentor kept a close watch on all of them while helping them “Finish” their work.

By 5pm when most had “Finished” their works, and seemed content with it, they turned to Puneet for his critique………But they were all astounded, by what Puneet had in store for them…………

After working for 10 long hours on a work, they were supposed to select a 5×8 inch rectangle out of their entire work, and cut it out!!!!!!!!!!!!



These revelations lead to many debates:

How can one destroy their own work?

Is cutting a piece, equivalent to destroying a work? Or editing a work?

Can they not make many works out of this one work?

What makes them say this is complete and that would be incomplete?????????


Likewise, the trail of questions and counter questions continued, the session gave the students a lot to ponder over, and they began looking at their works with a fresh perspective, through an 8×5 inch frame.


It would be interesting to see what will they come up with tomorrow?


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